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Irina Shayk's steamy Linda Farrow campaign, now with reduced man candy

IRINA SHAYK's photos for Linda Farrow spring/summer 2015 line are out and the Russian beauty is all sorts of shimmering sexpot in them. It helps that I'm going through an iridescent thing right now (the late 90s are back, kids!), but what also helps is that man candy right there; I mean that thereis what I'm pretty sure runs through Kimmy Gibbler's day dreams.

WATCH Irina Shayk's hilarious 2014 SI Swimsuit outtakes

But sadly Jerrod Scott is not, it turns out, an SI Swimsuit alum, and my crude understanding of this website is that you don't visit Swim Daily to see beefy hunks pawing at your dream girls. So I did you a solid and, with a surgeon's precision, I selflessly removed the dude from the equation. With that, I'm checking you all off my Christmas lists.

Should you change your mind—just to, you know, see what you're up against—click the photo to restore to full testosterocity.

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