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Nina Agdal's video with Beach Bunny Swimwear is just another reason SwimDaily and Beach Bunny are quickly becoming BFFs

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THIS IS not a sponsored post so check your skepticism at the door because I'm about to gush.

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The lovely ladies of Beach Bunny Swimwear (and they ARE lovely—I met them in Miami, and we'll have a video with the founder/designer Angela Chittenden for you in the coming months) are so good at producing BTS content that it's only right we give you a heads up when they post something new*. Beach Bunny is just one more place to get your yearlong fix on some of our most popular Swimsuit models.

NBD or anything but BB had a decent presence in the 2014 SI Swimsuit issue, including Nina's cover suit. And while she seems to have misplaced her top, thankfully—or perhaps unfortunately?—a different shade of the same suit was recovered in time for Kate Upton'sstunning flip-side cover look. (Not for nothing, here is Irina Shayk modeling said suit on the Beach Bunny site.)

Long story short, BB posted the below video of Nina Agdal,in celebration of her 22nd birthday.

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