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Samantha Hoopes shines on the cover of Bello Magazine

ANY DAY you get an unsolicited email containing Samantha Hoopes's latest photo shoot, one you didn't even know was happening, that's a good day. Today is one of those days.

Samantha Hoopes is a Galore Bombshell for Summer 2014

Samantha graces one of a handful of covers for the August 2014 issue of BelloMagazine. In addition to the shoot, which you might say reveals less of what we're used to and, erm, more of what we're not (PVC body suit is all I'm sayin'), there's an accompanying profile. In the brief story, Sam talks about how she maintains that figure ("I love to box to get aggression out and I also love to hike") and her non-existent love life (but when she finds time for Mr. Eventual she'd prefer for him to be "very relaxed and easy-going"), and the story hints at some upcoming film and TV projects.

Until we get the full scoop on those, though, here are her gorgeous shots, photographed by Carlos Nunez to tide you over:

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