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Playing it cool by the Bay: Behind the scenes on the Levi's shoot with Samantha Hoopes, Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis

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Every football player finishes the season in need of rejuvenation. For San Francisco teammates Colin Kaepernick and Vernon Davis, the road to revival began when they joined Swimsuit model Samantha Hoopes in early January for a Levi’s photo shoot atop the Hotel Vitale, overlooking the San Francisco Bay.

Hoopes made her rookie debut in the 2014 Swimsuit issue and graces “Coast with the Most,” the West Coast homage in this year’s edition. A relatively recent transplant to Los Angeles, she had never met Kaepernick or Davis before. But the trio quickly hit it off while discussing the players’ passion for the Bay Area, and how the San Francisco vibe influences the style they favor: cool, casual, versatile enough to suit any mood. “People here are very true to themselves,” Kaepernick says. “They’re not trying to live a lifestyle that isn’t their own.”

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The resulting photos appear in a spread in the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue that celebrates the Bay Area’s diverse culture and style. Check out a few behind-the-scenes pics here, watch the BTS Levi’s video… and try to stifle your jealousy.

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Check out these additional BTS videos of Colin, Samantha and Vernon to get their take from shoot day in San Francisco.



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