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Sara Sampaio, Emily DiDonato, Cris Urena and others fill in the blank

"The one photo shoot I did that still makes me cringe is..."

Clockwise from top left: Lauren Mellor, Sara Sampaio, Emily DiDonato and Chanel Iman

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THE THING about being a model is if you take a picture you don't like, there is no "detagging" option. That photo taken from that angle you've always tried to avoid is just as likely to end up on a billboard or a bus and there's nothing you can do about it.

Of course, these women are hired for their preternatural photogenic quality. Still, don't think that means our models don't have one photo shoot in their past that they wish would just disappear from history. We asked a few of our girls to tell us about their most cringeworthy shoots.