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SI Swimsuit, and that time we were kicked OUT of federal prison

Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images

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ONE OF the biggest joys of working for the Swimsuit Issue is the jail mail. And by biggest joys I mean the craziest ways of breaking up the everyday grind—even if the letters tend towards the disturbing from time to time (just ask MJ Day, the primary recipient).

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This one was a little different though.


This box was not so much jail mail as it was mail that never made it into jail.

The offense: Being too sexy.

As for the official explanation, it went a little bit like this:


Ruh roh.

Obviously the warden is just doing his job, and we respect that of course. But it does make our minds wander . . . what would a bunch of prisoners rioting over the content of the Swimsuit-Issue look like? Happy? At ease? Googly-eyed?

Moreover, what would a "witholding-of-the-Swimsuit-Issue-induced" riot be like? A worse breach of security? A bigger disruption of the orderly running of the institution? We venture to guess that it would.