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SI Swimsuit models get down to Lee Brice's 'Girls in Bikinis'—who else could be more qualified?

LET'S GET one thing straight: if you're going to write a song called "Girls in Bikinis" and really want to drive the point home, who ya gonna call?

If you said Ghostbusters, yeah, no. Look alive, guys. You're gonna call SI Swimsuit. 

Country-pop singer/songwriter Lee Brice recorded this ode to the babe for ​I Don't Dance (he really doesn't), his third studio album which premiered today (and will go on sale Sept. 9). On it's own, the song is two-minutes of cheeky fun (pun intended), but with a title like "Girls in Bikinis," we knew we could do the song one better. 

Maybe you're not a country fan. And maybe you're trying to figure out why I'm harping on this thing instead of slapping together some eye-candy gallery. Thing is, whether or not Brice's music resonates with you,the singer's fluency in the universal language of babes absolutely will—when you watch the video. Luxuriant with our best footage, your favorite talent and the world's most stunning landscapes, we know you'll be watching this one on repeat for a while.

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