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Where did we go?

Santa’s Winter Wonderland for Adults—better known as Lapland in Finland, which became the northernmost location ever to host a Swimsuit shoot.

Where did we stay?

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, which is located 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle (but only half an hour from the nearest airport). Few places in the world are better to view the majesty of the Northern Lights. And at Kakslauttanen, you can bask in their beauty from the comfort of your own bed if you stay in one of the resort’s iconic glass igloos. (If you prefer something more rustic, there are log chalets. If you’re torn, there are Keloglass chalets, a hybrid of the two.)


What did we do?

A lot of reindeer-related pursuits, including a safari. The resort also offers saunas as well as activities such as ice fishing, cross-country skiing and, in the summer, canoeing and kayaking. Oh, and you can meet Santa and even stay in his home, at Kakslauttanen. But only if you’re on the big guy’s nice list, not the naughty one. (Which list are we on? Mind your own business.)

What did we bring home?

Christmas ornaments and reindeer pelts. Plus, some powder made from ground reindeer horns, which is said to increase one’s, um, potency. (So much for getting off that naughty list.)