Looking to experience the heart and soul of the British Virgin Islands? A day with MarineMax Vacations should be at the top of your list.

The crew at MarineMax Vacations offers expert planning to help every step of the way and ensure you have the trip of a lifetime. Their custom amenity-packed power catamaran fleet in the British Virgin Islands offers two-, three-, four- and five-cabin options. And every person of the team is committed to exceeding your expectations to provide an extraordinary experience.

We had the pleasure of spending our photo shoot days with Captain Simon and his fabulous crew from MarineMax Vacations. And it should come as no surprise that we fell more in love with the Virgin Islands with each and every new stop.

Want to learn more about MarineMax Vacations? You’ve come to the right place. We caught up with the team behind MarineMax Vacations to learn more about what the company has to offer and their favorite BVI experiences. 


Where is MarineMax Vacations located? 

We are located in Tortola, British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

Give us a quick snapshot of the history of MarineMax Vacations. How was the company started?
On October 6, 2011, Bill McGill, chairman of the board of MarineMax Inc, the nation’s largest recreational boat and yacht retailer, announced the introduction of MarineMax Vacations, a charter program offering yachting vacations. In May 2011, Bill hired industry veteran Raul Bermudez as vice president to develop the charter division.

Commencing operations with just 13 sailboats, MarineMax Vacations delivered its first charter in the British Virgin Islands on January 19, 2012. Since then, MarineMax Vacations has enjoyed monumental growth each year and currently operates a fleet of more than 50 power catamarans.

Exemplary personal service and exceptional custom, luxury power catamarans have been the leading force in what is now an elevated standard of the charter vacation experience. The MarineMax Vacations team is composed of the best in the industry, with a deeply rooted and service-oriented team. Evidence of this is MarineMax Vacations being voted the Best BVI Yacht Charter Company and its award-winning line of customized Aquila power catamarans in the fleet.

How does someone get in touch with MarineMax Vacations to make a booking?
Call our Vacation Planning group at (813) 644-8071 or visit www.marinemaxvacations.com.

What questions should someone ask when booking a vacation with MarineMax Vacations?
Some common questions include:

What is the minimum days/length of rental?

Do I need a license to operate the boat if I have experience?

Can I hire a captain or a cook?

How do I get there?

What are the different sizes and layout of the boats?

What kind of service can someone expect when booking with MarineMax Vacations?
MarineMax Vacations has quickly gained the reputation of offering the highest level of customer service. From the first call to a vacation planner to the time you get home after your vacations, they are right there with you. The vacation planners are your concierge before, during, and after your holiday. From selecting water toys and provisioning the boat with food and supplies to transportation on the islands, they are available for questions and suggestions. MarineMax Vacations has changed the industry, not only with its fleet of award-winning Aquila power catamarans but with its level of dedicated customer service.

What is MarineMax Vacations known for and why?
We’re known for providing worldwide charter vacations aboard the newest and most luxurious boats available with unsurpassed customer service and the best boats in the charter industry. MarineMax Vacations’ pre-departure education videos, constant communication and support team in the Virgin Islands is second to none. Watch this video to understand more about the life-changing adventure that awaits you in the British Virgin Islands: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dKVqkCo4MU.

What kinds of boats and yachts can you rent from MarineMax Vacations?
The primary fleet is composed of custom-made Aquila power catamarans. There are two-cabin, three-cabin, four-cabin and five-cabin options available. MarineMax Vacations also has access to a fleet of more than 2,200 sailboats worldwide.

The two-cabin MarineMax 362: https://www.marinemax.com/vacations/charter-fleet-options/power-catamarans/marinemax-362

The three-cabin MarineMax 443: https://www.marinemax.com/vacations/charter-fleet-options/power-catamarans/marinemax-443

The four-cabin MarineMax 484: https://www.marinemax.com/vacations/charter-fleet-options/power-catamarans/marinemax-484

And, coming soon, the five-cabin MarineMax 545!!

What kinds of tours does MarineMax Vacations offer? And where?
MarineMax offers and delivers the best vacation ever, catering toward your lifestyle. There are three different ways for you to explore the British Virgin Islands:

· You can have the experience in a similar-size yacht that you can captain yourself.

· You can hire a local captain to drive the yacht.

· A captain and a cook and all of your food and water toys are included. We also have sailboat charter partners around the world.

What kinds of tours and experiences does MarineMax Vacations offer in the BVI?
The beauty of chartering a power catamaran in the British Virgin Islands is that every day can be a different adventure. Hook a mooring ball and relax, snorkel the hot spots, dine alfresco or hike to the top of the highest peak. MarineMax Vacations help you explore natural wonders on land and sea—however you choose to do so.

Tell me about the unique culinary experiences a guest can receive through MarineMax Vacations.
There are two ways to enjoy culinary experiences in the islands. The first is to simply dine out at local anchorages and enjoy the local Caribbean foods. The second way to have a unique culinary experience is to book an all-inclusive crewed yacht vacation. The chefs are all qualified and trained in a variety of dishes from around the world.

Tell me about the amazing staff and chefs you employee at MarineMax Vacations?
MarineMax Vacations has the best team in the islands. The professionally trained crew come from varied backgrounds and have traveled around the globe gaining experience.

How many nights can someone stay on one of the MarineMax Vacations boats/yachts?
Most vacations are six nights and seven days. The shortest amount is three nights. You can stay as long as you want.

What types of day and overnight packages do you offer?
MarineMax Vacations makes it easy. They offer daily rates, and you can start any day of the week. With flexible start dates you have more options when flying in.

What’s the best time of year to travel and book with MarineMax Vacations in the British Virgin Islands?
One of the reasons the BVI are so attractive is that it is a year-round destination. The air and water temperature changes less than 10 degrees. The islands are very popular from October all the way to the middle of August. Wintertime can tend to be a little windier and popular for people who want to get away from the cold.

What are must-have packing items for a trip with MarineMax Vacations
It’s common for vacationers to overpack when chartering a catamaran. Although there is plenty of room, you really need only a swimsuit and sunscreen.

What are the top-five must-have experiences with MarineMax Vacations?
1. Snorkel the Indians
2. Explore the Baths
3. Visit Willy T’s
4. Sip a painkiller at the Soggy Dollar Bar
5. Hike to the top of Big Scrub Island to watch the sunset

What are the top-five attractions to visit in the British Virgin Islands with MarineMax Vacations?
Snorkeling one of the many incredible reefs of the BVI. Paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking the hills and looking down at the coves, finding some of those secluded anchorages where you are the only boat for the night for stargazing. Don’t miss anchorages like the Baths, the Indians, Norman Island and jumping from Willy T’s to visiting the famous Soggy Dollar Bar on Jost Van Dyke. There are so many things to do you will need to go more than once.

What are the best day trips with MarineMax Vacations?
The MarineMax Vacations catamarans are not available for day rentals. Every day is a different adventure, which is why most people plan annual trips lasting a week or longer.

Tell us why MarineMax Vacations is so special? 
MarineMax Vacations provides boating vacations designed by boaters for boaters. Additional featured include unsurpassed customer service, luxury custom power catamarans, highly equipped boats including water makers, the best staff in the industry and the most beautiful location.

Visit marinemax.com/vacations to book the ultimate vacation with a yacht charter in the BVI.