Megan Roup Is Changing the Fitness Game With Her Soft Approach

The Sculpt Society founder offers a variety of “cozy” content on her platform, designed to be taken in sweats.
Megan Roup
Megan Roup / Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Megan Roup first discovered the term “cozy cardio” on TikTok. She was instantly taken with it. For the instructor, soft workouts mean she rolls out of bed and straight onto her mat. Still wearing her pajamas, she presses “play” on a quick, bodyweight sculpt. The beauty of these workouts, according to Roup, lies in the fact that they are just “a little bit more attainable.” 

Fostering sustainable fitness habits is exactly what she had in mind when she founded The Sculpt Society in 2017. Her programs and classes are designed to help subscribers establish long-term relationships with fitness. They offer an alternative to traditional high intensity-workouts and short-term regimens. “I really want my members to feel like they can do this for the rest of their lives,” she explains. “I always say, ‘Working out is not for the next three days, it’s for the rest of our lives’.”

Ultimately, creating sustainable habits depends on the ability to find modalities that are enjoyable. Only then will it be easy to “fit [fitness] into our busy schedules without it feeling like a chore,” she says. For Roup, the modalities that bring her the most fulfillment are dance cardio and full-body, low-impact sculpt.

In her 20s, she leaned into standard fitness practices, spending extended periods on the treadmill or weightlifting. But she never found joy in those practices. Roup finds joy in low-impact sculpt and dance cardio, which has a special place in her past as a professional dancer. Fitness-wise, what works will differ from person to person. The key, Roup says, is to “find a way that resonates with you. Find a modality that you look forward to, that you enjoy—that's the workout that's going to work for you.”

For those finding themselves dissatisfied with more traditional workouts—the treadmill or weightlifting routines—or those simply seeking to incorporate more low-impact fitness into their routines, look no further than The Sculpt Society. By offering “clients … a joyful way of working out,” Roup truly believes that what she has built is built to last.

Martha Zaytoun


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