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Q&A: Alana Blanchard on SI Swimsuit


Pro surfer and bikini designer Alana Blanchard already had a huge following, but her appearance in the 2013 SI Swimsuit Issue made her a sensation. SwimDaily caught up with Blanchard to discuss her SI photo shoot, swimwear collection and plans for the summer.


SwimDaily: Were you surprised when asked to be part of SI Swimsuit Issue?

Alana Blanchard: I was so surprised and so excited.  To be a part of it has been a dream of mine forever,  just to be among all those amazing women.

SD: Did you read the issue growing up? Did you look up to any models?

AB: I think every young girl grew up reading SI Swim and seeing how amazing all the picture are. I always looked up to the the models with really healthy looks.  There are too many to pick just one.

SD: How did you think the photos came out? What do your parents and friends say?

AB: I'm always a little shy of photos of myself but I loved the SI shots. My familly and friend where all so happy for me. I live in a small island so it's kinda cool for everyone to see me in the issue.

SD: You are involved in swimwear. What's your favorite style swimsuit?

AB:I do a swimsuit collection with Ripcurl called Alana's Closet so when we found out I was going to be in the issue we decided to make a few special suits for the issue that were really sexy and small...... just the way I like them (;

SD: How was the SI Swimsuit photo shoot? Would you pose again?

AB: It was so amazing! Best shoot of my life. So easy. Everyone on the shoot was so nice and helpful. I would LOVE to pose for SI again.

SD: What are you doing with your life now? Any projects you're looking forward to or want to promote?

AB: Right now I am traveling a lot doing the women's world tour events. I'm also working with Ripcurl on new bikinis.  We will be shooting our new campaign for those at the end of April. We're working on more things with my Sunglass partner Spy as well.  We have some super cute shades called the OMG collection . I'm also working on my new web series "surfer girl" on Network A.  It's a series about my life as a professional surfer.  There's an episode where I find out SI picked me for the Swimsuit issue and some behind the scenes of the photo shoot.  Check it out!

SD: What are your summer plans?