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Aly Raisman on Body Image and Her Favorite Winter Olympic Sport

We caught up with Aly Raisman to get her take on shooting for SI Swimsuit again, being a role model for young women, and what her favorite winter Olympic sport is.  

Aly Raisman is officially an SI Swimsuit veteran! The Olympic gold medalist gymnast makes her second consecutive SI Swimsuit appearance in 2018. We caught up with Aly to get her take on shooting for SI Swimsuit again, being a role model for young women, and to find out what her favorite winter Olympic sport is.  

On shooting for SI Swimsuit a second time: "I’m so excited to be a part of the issue for the second year in a row. This year has an extra special meaning to me, because it’s such an incredible time for women and everyone should feel as though they can express themselves however they want... For the shoots, I was excited, but also a little nervous in the beginning, because it's still a new experience. Once we started shooting, I felt comfortable because everyone on set was so supportive!"


On her 2017 SI Swimsuit spread: "My favorite photo was the one of me laying on my back, in the black bikini, outside at the skate park. Working with James [Macari] was incredible. I love how he helped simultaneously capture athleticism and being feminine."

On the reaction of her friends, family and fanbase: "Everyone was really supportive! My family and friends knew I had always wanted to be a part of SI Swim, so they were excited for me."


On body image and the message of loving yourself: "Women do not have to be modest to be respected. I believe that women (or anyone) should be able to wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and happy. Our society puts too much pressure on women and young girls to look 'perfect,' and we have to stop doing that. I'm proud that SI Swim is using women of all shapes and sizes with various backgrounds. Each woman in the issue has her own unique story, and I am honored to be a part of it."


On being a role model to young girls: "I take the responsibility [to be a role model] very seriously. I am proud to be considered a role model, and I hope that by using my voice, I can help create change for future generations. Everyone deserves to feel safe and heard. We must listen to those that speak up and offer our help."

On her favorite winter Olympic sport: "Figure skating! It’s so beautiful to watch."

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