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Throwback: You Don't Want to Miss These Ariel Meredith GIFs!

Warning: These GIFs are hot hot hot.

We have a confession to make: our obsession with Ariel Meredith is REAL. This bombshell captured our hearts in 2009 when she did her very first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photoshoot in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and our love for her has only grown since then. 

Ariel went on to appear in the magazine from 2012-2015 and, we have to say, those were some pretty magical shoots. From breathtaking scenery in Switzerland, to spicing things up in Spain, when Ariel was in front of the camera, we knew it would be flawless. Her iconic Route 66 shoot is still one of our favorites! 

We can’t help but reminisce about our days spent with Ariel, so here are some GIFs to help remind you of why we’ll always be head over heels for this beauty.

1. Her sultry gaze is captivating.

2. Her dance moves are ON POINT.

3. Golden hour definitely looks good on her.

4. She’d make a super sexy boat captain.

5. Her strut is beyond fierce. 

See all of Ariel’s stunning SI Swimsuit 2014 photos: