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Ashley Graham has a steamy Bond girl moment in Cancun

Ashley Graham channels her inner Bond girl while on vacation in Cancun. 

Could Ashley Graham be the next Bond girl? She certainly has what it takes!

While on vacation in Cancun, Mexico, celebrating her 29th birthday with friends, Ashley made waves with this steamy snap. In the Bond-esque photo, the bombshell can be seen emerging from the water in a simple black bikini and body chain. 

The SI Swimsuit cover model wasn't afraid to show off the curves that helped her land our cover, as she shared moments from her trip on social media throughout the week. 

Ashley has been very vocal this year when it comes to taking down social media haters. She even took to posting a comment on her own photo earlier this year to let people know that she calls the shots when it comes to her own body. 

"People come on my page and body shame me because I'm too big, because I'm too small, because I'm not good enough for their standards... But at the end of the day I'm good enough for me. Angles will make anyone look bigger or smaller and I just happen to know mine."

Suffice it to say, this Bond girl pic speaks for itself. Ashley Graham is flawless. Period. End of story. 

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