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Newsflash: Ashley Graham doesn't want your d—k pics

Ashley Graham thinks it's weird to receive penis pictures from fans. 

Monday afternoon PSA: SI Swimsuit cover model Ashley Graham doesn't want your dick pics.  

Turns out when you're as beautiful as the ladies of SI Swimsuit, you might find yourself the recipient of some unwanted or over-the-top attention. And while our resident beauty and body advocate is usually flattered by all the messages and love from fans, there's one type of message she'd gladly never receive again. 

Page Six caught up with Ashley at the VMA white carpet (which she jetted over to from our own Summer of Swim event in Coney Island), and when asked about the weirdest message she's ever gotten online,  Ashley didn't hesitate to share her dislike for dick pics. 

“I really think it’s weird when [fans] send me penis pictures [on Instagram],” Ashley explained. “It irks me deep inside. Don’t do it, I’ll block you.”

There you have it. It's quite simple, folks—keep your pictures of your bits to yourself and Ashley will love you all the more for it. 

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