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See how supermodel Ashley Graham keeps her famous curves in check

Supermodel Ashley Graham shares a workout video to Instagram. 

Burn, baby, burn! 

Look no farther, because Ashley Graham is serving up all the #MondayMotivation you'll ever need. 

Starting 2017 off on the right foot, our 2016 SI Swimsuit cover model took to Instagram on Saturday to show the world exactly how she keeps her curvalicious figure in shape. Ashley is no stranger to the Dogpound in NYC, where she's been known to record inspiring workout videos to share with fans around the world on social media. 

And in case you aren't a fan of squats, allow Ashley to convince you of their merit. Our bombshell's irresistible beauty and knack for making sure "only the things that jiggle, that are supposed to jiggle, jiggle," is enough to persuade us that a few sets this afternoon could only help in the way of keeping our New Year's resolutions. 

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