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MUST SEE: Ashley Graham locks lips with Joe Jonas in STEAMY music video debut


Ashley Graham just made her video girl debut, and it’s seriously steamy. 

In her first ever music video, Ashley stars as Joe Jonas’s girlfriend in the video for DNCE’s latest song “Toothbrush.” But this isn’t an ordinary cameo. Ashley gets up close and personal with Joe, locking lips and getting tangled up in bed with the former JoBro.

For those of you in the business of relationship speculation, don’t hold your breath about Jashley becoming a thing: Ashley is happily married to her hot hubby Justin Ervin, who Ashley assured us wasn’t threatened by her on-screen relationship.

“You can’t be with an insecure man if you’re Ashley Graham!” she said playfully to Entertainment Tonight.

Just the teaser has been released so far, and it’s a serious tease because we can hardly wait to watch the full-length vid. In the meantime, watch behind-the-scenes footage of Joe and Ashley on set from ET in the video below.

We aren’t the only ones crushing on Ashley Graham

We hope this is the beginning of a long acting career for Ashley, because we’ll have this video on repeat until her next one.

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