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Ashley Graham is too hot for network TV... AGAIN

This body is made for...being banned from network TV. 

For the second time in her career, SI Swimsuit cover model Ashley Graham is finding out the hard way that she's just too hot for major networks like ABC and NBC. 

According to reports from TMZ and Cosmopolitan, retailer Lane Bryant's latest ad featuring Ashley, which was created to empower women and encourage them to celebrate their own bodies, has been rejected by major TV networks. Who knew a 30-second clip featuring so much beauty could also turn out to be so controversial? 

Watch the ad below to see what's got ABC and NBC all worked up:

As we mentioned though, this isn't Ashley's first experience with having an ad be deemed too steamy for the general masses. Just last year, her commercial promoting the Ashley Graham Lingerie collection for Addition Elle was called "too hot to release on TV this season." And we'll all remember back in 2010, when another super sexy Lane Bryant ad was limited to airing during certain time frames on ABC because of its provocative nature.  

Our takeaway? Ashley Graham is simply too hot for TV. And we wouldn't have it any other way. 

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