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Ashley Graham wants to know: Is lingerie overrated or underrated?

Ashley Graham is here to solve the great debate: Is lingerie overrated or underrated?  

In an all-new episode of 'Model on Street,' we asked our rookie and SI Swimsuit cover model to find out if the men of New York City think that lingerie lives up the hype. Is a little lacy number the sexiest thing a woman can wear or just totally unnecessary? 

It seems like the Big Apple is split down the middle. Some men are convinced that a matching red set is the best way to start off an unforgettable night. Others, though, believe that no matter what their lover wears, she's always irresistible. So, where do you fall? 

In the words of our own gorgeous bombshell: "If you think lingerie is overrated, maybe you should check out the Ashley Graham collection." Duh. 

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