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Ashley Graham reflects on her first photo shoot with SI Swimsuit

Think cover model Ashley Graham loves an intricate, conservative one piece? WRONG!

'Itty bitty bikinis are my favorite...The smaller the bikini, the better.' 

In an intimate moment with the 2016 SI Swimsuit rookie, Ashley reflected on her first photo shoot with our magazine and the obstacles she faced on set. From a wind machine dying to battling some slippery rocks, there was no hurdle too high for the Nebraska native to overcome.  

Get to know SI Swimsuit 2016 Cover Model Ashley Graham!

And what does the breakout star think of her place on the pages and cover of SI Swimsuit? "I thought it was a huge risk that SI would put a girl my size on the pages," Ashley said. "For me that was already such a big deal. But SI is going to put a girl my size on the cover? That's revolutionary."

In the words of our own MJ Day: "She’s a champion for all women. There’s no denying that Ashley Graham brings something different to the table. It’s exciting to meet someone who can totally handle this moment, take it, and amplify it, all because of who she is and how she celebrates herself." 

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