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Watch Ashley Graham Get Turned Away From a Modeling Agency on 'Undercover Boss'

Ashley Graham faces rejection while posing as "Morgan," an aspiring, plus-size model. 

We know what we'll be doing this Friday night! Set your DVRs because Ashley Graham is barely recognizible on the newest episode of Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition

Posing as "Morgan," a red-headed, aspiring, plus-size model, Ashley faces a plethora of challenges before revealing her true identity. She is turned away from a model agency's open casting call, she freaks out when asked to pose with a snake at a photoshoot, and she meets a ballerina who is defying industry conventions while taking a dance class. 


In a preview of the episode, Ashley works with a team of makeup artists to create her new identity. The team makes a mold of her face, adding a double chin and changing the shape of her nose to obscure her physical appearance. She then explains that it was a real journey to get to this point in her career, and she hopes to shed some light on the ongoing problems in the industry through this experience. 

Tune in tomorrow night from 8-9pm EST on CBS to see Ashley work her stuff undercover!

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