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Watch Chrissy Teigen totally lose it as Beyoncé joins Channing Tatum to 'Run the World' on Lip Sync Battle

Who run the world? GIRLS. Or in this case, rather, actor Channing Tatum and former SI Swimsuit modelBeyoncé do. 

In the latest episode of Lip Sync Battle, hosted by our own Chrissy Teigen and personality LL Cool J, Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna lip sync for their lives. In a NSFW number, Jenna imitates her husband's famous Magic Mike tool-shed dance, while Channing calls in the help of the Queen to bring the house down. 

Chrissy Teigen is naked again and we wouldn't have it any other way

Watch the clip below for all the action and to see Chrissy completely lose it when Bey takes the stage (skip ahead to the 3:32 mark for Beyoncé's entrance): 

Didn't think a lip sync battle could get better than when Will Ferrell did a number with Queen Bey's "Drunk in Love"? Think again. Who run the world? Beyoncé. 

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