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Brooklyn Decker's memory may not be flawless, but she still is

Last night our 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker joined Late Show host Stephen Colbert to talk about her career and former work with our magazine. A refresher for your viewing pleasure: 


Brooklyn quickly revealed that with her focus on acting, she no longer misses the unpredictable world of modeling where being trendy is key. Upon looking back at her wildly famous cover, Brooklyn noted that an excellent crew played their part in enhancing her already flawless features.

There's only one small thing our girl got wrong. You know that seemingly mystical house in the backdrop of Brooklyn's shot? (Oh, no? That's not where your focus was?) While Brooklyn mistakenly remembered the house being photoshopped in later, video footage from the super steamy shoot reveals it was actually there all along. See for yourself in the clip above and behind the scenes photo below!  


So for any Late Show fans who may have misunderstood Brooklyn's comments as throwing shade at SI, she later clarified with the super sweet tweet below:

Here at SI, we're really only concerned with one thing and that's celebrating beautiful bodies. Brooklyn certainly qualifies for that! 

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