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Battle snakes and sandstorms with Chanel Iman in her 2015 outtakes!

When we took Chanel Iman to Monument Valley for her 2015 SI Swimsuit photo shoot, we knew she would be up for the challenge of standing out among one of our country's most beautiful backdrops. What we didn't know was all the hurdles our favorite Atlanta native would have to face! 


From some harmless pranks with a fake snake to an unexpected bike race, Chanel kept her cool (and her sense of humor!) throughout her time working with famed photographer James Macari. She was even a good enough sport to take a photo with a passing fan, who just couldn't help but admire our two-time SI Swimsuit beauty. Can you blame him? 

Then there were the sandstorms...oh, those nasty sandstorms. Never did we imagine that flying sand could be so painful—trust us. But despite the conditions and one misstep on a cliff, Chanel commanded all our attention and rightfully so. Have you seen how AMAZING her photos are? GO. LOOK. NOW. 

Be sure to watch Chanel's complete 2015 SI Swimsuit outtakes reel above, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for more funny moments from the making of our latest issue! 

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