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Chrissy Teigen plays a sexy peg-legged pirate for Captain Morgan

Stretch marks, kitchen disasters and peg legs can't keep 2014 SI Swimsuit cover model Chrissy Teigen down. That's right, even a peg leg. 

Transforming into the sexiest pirate you've ever seen, Chrissy Teigen takes the beach with Captain Morgan to promote the liquor brand's newest rum flavors—including coconut, pineapple and grapefruit. If only Captain Morgan had been able to recruit an eye patch and a parrot, Chrissy would've been well on her way to making a debut in Johnny Depp's next sea-based flick. 

Whether you like lip sync battles with A-list celebs or hate canine weddings where John Legend is the sole member of the band, one thing is for sure—we can all get behind a bombshell beauty like Chrissy Teigen and a frozen drink with a little Captain Morgan rum. 

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