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Chrissy Teigen debunks the myth that Thanksgiving turkey makes you sleepy

If you thought that hot momma Chrissy Teigen was slowing down for even one second, well, you were 100 percent wrong. 

To the delight of her Twitter followers everywhere, Chrissy began her epic, annual Thanksgiving social media rant in spectacular fashion by debunking one of the most common holiday myths. She began her highly-anticipated rant by explaining to naive believers everywhere that, in fact, turkey does not make you any sleeper than any other meat you might eat. 

Wondering what a supermodel knows about cooking an out-of-this-world Thanksgiving feast? Chrissy isn't just your average ten—she also happens to be the author of an upcoming cookbook, Cravings: Recipes For What You Want to Eat, and is the resident chef on daytime's FABLife show. How's that for being an expert on location and in the kitchen? 

Chrissy went on to share that she's also not a fan of bumping up the time that you serve dinner just to accommodate hungry family members who have come over to chow down on everyone's favorite fall holiday. Note: She also has us convinced that a later dinner start time just might produce better reviews of the dishes you serve, since eager attendees will be extra hungry by the time they sit down to eat (at standard dinnertime). 

This Thanksgiving, one thing is for sure—we're thankful for Chrissy Teigen, Twitter, and Chrissy Teigen on Twitter. There has never been a more perfect match made in social-media heaven. 

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