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Despite her epic costumes, Chrissy Teigen thinks Halloween is overrated

Just yesterday, we informed you of Chrissy Teigen's Halloween costume dominance, but it looks like this isn't just a one-off for our 2014 SI Swimsuit cover model. 


We caught up with Chrissy during SI Swimsuit launch week and asked her a little bit about the year's spookiest holiday. Turns out the queen of costumes isn't actually a huge fan of the annual event and thinks the hooplah that goes into creating the perfect Halloween night is usually overrated. 

But does that keep her from coming up with EPIC costumes for herself and hubby John Legend? Absolutely not! When asked about the best costume she's ever worn, Chrissy was quick to think back to her choice of "cowboys and Indians" in 2008, as both a proud and somewhat regrettable choice. 

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"The best costume I ever wore was actually something I forced John to wear," Chrissy explained. "I made him a cowboy and I was an Indian, so we were 'cowboys and Indians.' It was, to me, very cute, but now thinking back I'd never do it again. Bad idea, Chrissy, bad idea!" 


While John may not have properly appreciated Chrissy's efforts to make him look as Western as possible, we have to admit, we think the pair has never looked cuter! Well, that's not true. There's the "All of You" video, their endless red-carpet appearances, and every other moment involving the parents-to-be that are all equally as cute. Oh, to be Chrissy Teigen and John Legend...

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