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Chrissy Teigen understands not wearing underwear is risky...and she's going to keep doing it

Chrissy Teigen talks about the risks involved when she doesn't wear any underwear. 

Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to wardrobe malfunctions. Remember when the wind dared to reveal what was under her thigh-high slit last week? Or how about that time she couldn't care less about a nip slip during the Super Bowl

When we sat down with Chrissy last week to discuss her partnership with Smirnoff and the potential for a reality TV show with her mom (please be real!), we couldn't help but ask the queen of social media about her daring wardrobe choices and the risks involved with wearing them. 

"I’ve shown the most I could possibly show already," Chrissy explained. "Coming from the modeling world and Sports Illustrated, we just change on the beach and we do it as quickly as possible. It’s just not that big a deal to me. So I understand why it can be offensive to some people... Do I do it on purpose? Absolutely not. Never.

"But at the same time, underwear lines can ruin a lot of things so you got to make a decision to have that underwear line ruin that outfit or just take the risk," she continued. "So I’ve been taking the risk, and it hasn’t always gone the way I planned, but everything comes and goes these days."

And at the suggestion that everyone has seen her boobs by now, Chrissy couldn't help but chuckle.  

"Truly, ever since having a baby, you’re just so comfortable with your boobs being out that it’s normal," Chrissy said of her view of her "girls" after motherhood. "I’ll be doing my hair and makeup, and I’ll forget I have a straight hair guy and they’ll just be out...I don’t even look at them anymore. They’re not even sexual to me, at all. They’re just boobs." 

There you have it folks. They may talk, they may look great in a bikini, and they may break the Internet, but Chrissy Teigen's boobs are "just boobs" her anyway.

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