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Chrissy Teigen opines on Justin Bieber's swag and her penchant for Twitter fights


Chrissy Teigen :: Walter Iooss Jr./SI

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Chrissy Teigen has never been shy about voicing her opinions, whether it's discussing Amanda Bynes or poking fun at the pomp and circumstance of the annual Met Gala. So when SI Now welcomed her on a panel with writers Chris Mannix and Richard Deitsch, the future Mrs. John Legend had plenty to say about Justin Bieber's swagtastic outfit from Monday's Heat-Pacers game (his hat cost $450!).


But that's not all. The panel also discussed Twitter feuds, a subject Chrissy knows a thing or two about. Her reasoning for all the battles: "If I kept it to maybe five tweets a day, I wouldn't say as many controversial things I guess. But I just say everything and I'm going to stop. It's exhausting."  Even Deitsch called her "the Scorcese of Twitter feuds." See more of her comments in the video below.


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