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EXCLUSIVE: Is Chrissy Teigen getting ready to do a reality TV show with her mom?

Chrissy Teigen reveals she's open to a reality TV show with her newly famous mom. 

In case you needed one more reason to love Chrissy Teigen's mom...

We caught up with our former SI Swimsuit cover model to talk about her new partnership with Smirnoff, and found out that the brand's "no frills" commercial featuring Chrissy and her mom may have encouraged the social media queen to rethink her position on doing a reality TV show.  

"We just had a meeting the other day," Chrissy told SI, when asked if she'd been approached about doing a show with her mom. "I never wanted one before because I thought of it as like, ‘John and I.' It is kind of the kiss of death. But with mom, she just does things on a daily basis that I'm actually ashamed we don’t film. She is just so funny...but she’s getting cocky now. She’s very cocky in her Smirnoff commercial."

Chrissy went on to reveal that Vilailuck Teigen, commonly known as Pepper Thai, is so famous these days that she's getting recognized even without Chrissy and John Legend by her side. 

"I swear I wouldn’t believe it if other people weren’t with her," Chrissy laughed. "I always make fun of her and say, ‘There’s no way you were recognized.’ But then someone will be like, ‘Yeah, I was with her.' She said that Erik Estrada recognized her at Ralph’s the other day...I swear I wouldn’t believe her if I didn’t hear it firsthand from somebody else.

"Meanwhile with me, if I’m walking my dogs down the street, people will look at the leash and be like, 'Is that Pippa?’ and then their eyes will go up the leash and they’re like ‘Oh, it’s Chrissy and Pippa.’ But mom is on her own and recognizable."

Looks like this Smirnoff deal really paid off for Pepper Thai. And hey, Chrissy, you can now add manager to your ever-growing resume, too!  

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