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Chrissy Teigen Is Working on a Recipe Website And We’re Pumped About It

We’re hungry just thinking about it!

It’s a well-known fact that Chrissy Teigen has some pretty impressive skills in the kitchen. The eight-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model authored two popular cookbooks filled with recipes that people can’t stop raving about on Twitter, and is constantly making us all hungry by showing us what’s for dinner at her house on her Instagram stories. 

Well, get your pots and pans ready because Chrissy is about to give you even more reasons to ditch the takeout and dine at home. That right, she’s working on launching her very own cooking and recipe website!

Chrissy told Us Weekly that she is “so excited” about this project, adding that she has been “working nonstop” on creating her new site.

Chrissy’s website definitely will be the place to go for mouthwatering recipes, but she also wants it to be a place where she can connect with her fans. 

“We have really amazing ideas and I’m just so excited because I want it to have a chat room and a comment section, and I want people to really feel like they’re a part of the site,” she told Us Weekly. “I don’t want it to feel like it’s some stale site that rarely updates. I want it always to feel new, to feel different. You’re always gonna get some kind of new content and I hope people are really happy with it because it’s been years in the making and it’s coming up soon. I can’t wait.”

While there’s no official launch date, we’re already dreaming of all the new dishes we’re going to make when the website goes live!

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