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Stun in joggers at a formal event like Chrissy Teigen on Dress for the Day!

If you suffer from extreme Chrissy Teigen jealousy, rest easy in knowing that you are not alone. Captivating the world with her brutal honesty, hilarious Twitter personality and uncanny ability to keep it real, Chrissy has made herself every girl's dream BFF over the past few years. 

So it's no surprise that when Chrissy stepped out of a car and onto the red carpet at The Marquee in NYC for SI Swimsuit Launch Week, her effortlessly chic ensemble became a must-have for every girl's spring wardrobe. Never has a pair of joggers looked so elegant. And although a crop top tends to do the trick every time, this number in particular, with seductive and strategically placed cutouts, made us do a triple take. 

Think Chrissy's relaxed, red-carpet-ready style is too hard to recreate? Think again! With the help of Dress for the Day, we're bringing you a range of pieces so you can channel your inner Chrissy Teigen all day, every day. 


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Get all cozied up à la Chrissy Teigen with these picks from Dress for the Day

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