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Chrissy Teigen started a grease fire in the microwave the same day her fire extinguishers arrived

Chrissy Teigen tells Entertainment Weekly that she started a grease fire while working on recipes for her next cookbook. 

Chrissy Teigen's Snapchat stories may make it seem like she never makes a mistake in the kitchen, but let it be known that this food lover is far from perfect—and proud of it. 

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the SI Swimsuit model turned TV personality turned chef turned sexy momma opens up about her chain of careers and the preparation going into creating her next cookbook. 


"The thing that makes me most proud to say is I have a cookbook," she told EW. "Everything else sounds a bit silly. Let’s be honest, I’m 31 years old. I don’t model anymore. I take photos, but I’m not jumping in Vogue or anything. It’s nice to be able to have something to say that’s yours, which is having a cookbook."


When asked if she plans to turn her cookbook success into a full-blown lifestyle brand, Chrissy admitted that the pressure of an empire like that doesn't appeal to her. 

"I just love cooking and love giving people the opportunity to feel cool by staying at home on a Friday night," Chrissy explained. "One of my favorite things is when people say something like 'I’m pulling a Chrissy Teigen, at home on a Saturday night, drinking wine, making lasagna.' That’s the brand I want."

And while her next, highly-anticipated treasure trove of recipes is in the works, Chrissy explains there have already been a few (laughable) hurdles to overcome. 

"I just had a big grease fire in the microwave," Chrissy told the magazine. "It was so funny because the same morning, John goes, 'The fire extinguishers came!' And I go, 'How have we not had them the whole time?' [My microwave] actually broils with a real flame on top. It hit a piece of oil. So that’s how the next book is coming."

Can't get enough of Chrissy or her cooking?! We can't either! Check out the full interview in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands today! 

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