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Chrissy Teigen takes on Donald Trump in her most EPIC Twitter battle to date


On Monday, comedy queen Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter to take down Donald Trump in what instantly became her most famous social media battle to date. Not unlike her usual self, Chrissy started the feud with a quick comeback after the Donald tweeted that he would be hosting a political event with no media members involved. 

So really, Chrissy just voiced what we've all been thinking for months. But unlike if we tweeted at the Donald, the world actually did notice, and thousands of the presidential hopeful's supporters came to his defense.

We know, we know—not surprising. But what is rather shocking is the fact that the real estate mogul didn't simply ignore the attention like most aspiring politicians might; he instead granted Chrissy the "greatest birthday gift ever," when he retweeted one of his fans looking to crush Chrissy. 

Think this is the moment where Chrissy backs down? Not a chance. 

Chrissy: 1. The Donald: 0. Chrissy's Twitter mentions: -100. 

While it's clear to us that Chrissy came out victorious in this social war, we can't say the same for her Twitter mentions... Luckily we know the model turned chef turned TV personality turned mama-to-be has some pretty thick skin.

Here's hoping this is only the beginning of some seriously awesome social combat between these two!  

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