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Damn, Daniel: Viral video star asks model Gigi Hadid to prom

It's time for Gigi Hadid to pick out a gown and boutonniere, because the three-time SI Swimsuit model is going to prom! Well, if Zayn approves, that is. 

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When Ellen DeGeneres enlisted the help of the 'Damn, Daniel' viral video stars Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz to cover the red carept at the MTV Movie Awards, we're not quite sure she intended for the teen heartthrobs to use their moment in the spotlight for their own personal gain. But a teenage boy is going to do what a teenage boy is going to do—am I right? 

So when we watched as Daniel worked up the courage to ask his celebrity crush if she might be available to attend prom with him, we could do nothing but applaud his efforts and wait with baited breath to see what the response might be. 

I'll have to ask Z. 

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. If you needed one more reason to love and obsess over Gigi, her adorable response to Daniel's prom proposal is sure to send you over the edge.

Seriously though...Damnnnnnnnn, Daniel.  

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