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Emily DiDonato Reveals How She Fuels Her Body While Prepping for a Photoshoot

And no, her meal plan doesn’t involve skipping dessert!

Emily DiDonato is no stranger to a sexy bikini photoshoot. The four-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model has brought the heat to stunning locations all over the world, from Hawaii to Namibia.

So, how exactly does a model get ready for this kind of shoot? In a new video on her YouTube channel, Emily revealed the nourishing foods she sticks to while preparing to rock some barely-there bikinis. 

Emily’s go-to meals include lots of green veggies and lean proteins, such as egg whites or wild-caught salmon. She’s also a big fan of delicious sides like butternut squash or sweet potato. 

In the video, Emily explains the importance of making sure she is eating enough protein and carbs to give her body the energy it needs to kill her workouts. 

But prepping for a swimsuit shoot doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert! Emily’s personal favorite is a few scoops Halo Top ice cream. Yum!

“I just like having something sweet after dinner, and I don’t believe in just going totally cold-turkey on everything,” Emily said. “I still want to be able to sit and have dessert and enjoy that.”

We love that healthy balance!

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