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Emily Ratajkowski on Feminism, Nudity and a Woman's Right to be Whoever she Wants

Emily Ratajkowski shares her views on feminism and a woman's right to be exactly who she wants. 

Emily Ratajkowski may be a feminist, but she doesn't exactly fit the mold...and that's the point. 

In a candid new feature for Harper's Bazzar Arabia, the two-time SI Swimsuit model and activist opens up about her views on feminism and woman's right to be exactly who she wants to be. 

"I think a lot of people really feel that the idea of a woman being sexual or being sexualized is the opposite of feminism,” Emily told the magazine. “When I feel like, in some ways, that conversation itself can be oppressive to women, because you’re telling them how to dress and how to act, which is actually the opposite of feminism."

The model turned actress also shares what it was like learning how to deflect attention at a very early age. 

"I was a 12 year old [with D-cup breasts] but people looked at me as a 21 year old,” she revealed. “It was really difficult for me to understand and to come to terms with – that identity, people’s perception of me... It’s hard for a 12-year-old girl, who is basically feeling like 'Why don’t you just leave me alone', because I don’t see men having to justify what they wear or how they express themselves."

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