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Make a splash with Erin Heatherton's 2015 outtakes!

When we took rookie Erin Heatherton to St. John for a little body-paint and bikini action, we knew we were in for a treat. A beautiful blonde with an equally beautiful personality, Erin embodies the "girl you want to take home to momma." 

So it's no surprise that we found Erin comfortable and cutting lose on day one—going the wrong way in the hotel, almost losing her bathing suit top, and even getting her own name wrong in an interview. What's better? She was able to laugh at herself the whole time! Talk about our kind of girl. 


SI Swimsuit photographer Yu Tsai also made a cameo in Erin's outtakes reel, as he pointed out our beach babe's assets and pretty face! Can you see why we keep him around? A photo shoot with Yu Tsai never feels like work. And here we are again, pointing out how "hard" our jobs here at SI Swimsuit are...

Be sure to watch Erin's cute outtakes reel above, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for more bloopers and funny moments from the making of SI Swimsuit 2015! 

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