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Celebrate Genevieve Morton's birthday with her steamy #BirthdaySuitSeries

On a day when we should be showering six-time SI Swimsuit model Genevieve Morton with presents, it turns out she's actually throwing some our way!

Celebrating 29 years of life today, Genevieve decided to take to Instagram to share some of her favorite in-the-nude photos, and you won't find us complaining.

Labeled as the #BirthdaySuitSeries, Genevieve started things off with a SI Swimsuit classic from her 2014 shoot in Switzerland with the infamous Yu Tsai. 

And because "series" implies more than one, sure enough the South African beauty we all know and love decided to bless us just an hour later with another unforgettable snapshot. With a little strategic pebble placement and a deceptive expression that makes us think lying on a bed of rocks might actually be comfortable, Genevieve looks flawless in, quite literally, nothing at all. 

And then there aren't even words for her third #BirthdaySuitSeries post...

Let's all take a moment to admire Genevieve's selflessness on a day that should be (and now undeniably is) all about her. Happy birthday, Genevieve—may we all aspire one day to look as good in our birthday suits as you do! 

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