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Celebrate Gigi Hadid's birthday with 20 of her best shots for SI Swimsuit!

It's official: Two-time SI Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid is no longer a teen! 

It's official: Two-time SI Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid is no longer a teen! Happy birthday wishes go out to our favorite social media maven, high-fashion rock star and superstar model! 

Over the past year, Gigi has risen through the ranks of the fashion industry at lightning speed and had a little fun along the way.

She's taught us the art of multitasking (Can you do a dozen jobs at once?), she's made us green with envy over her celebrity-filled Instagram posts (I mean, is there anyone who isn't best friends with Taylor Swift these days?), and she's shown us what it means to work hard and play hard (Coachella, endless beach parties and trips around the world...Gigi, take us with you!).

Oh and did we mention she's humble, charitable and one of the most down-to-earth stars you will EVER meet? 


To celebrate this momentous occasion, we've put together 20 of Gigi's best moments with SI Swimsuit over the last two years. From the beaches of the Jersey Shore to the jungle of Kauai, Gigi is always up for an adventure and a prime example of what a SI Swimsuit model is all about—beauty inside and out!


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