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Hannah Davis discusses the U.S. Open, why she pursued modeling instead of tennis



With the U.S. Open in full swing, SINow invited former teenage tennis star and current SI Swimsuit model Hannah Davis to the studio on Friday to discuss her love of tennis and whether she still plays. Here's what she had to say:

On her tennis career:"I was playing on the junior. caribbean tennis circuit. I quit when I was about 18-years-old. I was traveling throughout the Caribbean and then I was going to these national tournaments in the summer all over the U.S." 

On her favorite tennis player"I grew up watching [Andre] Agassi.  I just love him. I love hits spirit and he's just a really entertaining player. I love the Williams sisters, too. I enjoyed watching them play doubles too because they've been playing so long together."

On her decision to quit tennis for modeling: "Eventually I had to quit modeling because I was trying to balance modeling and tennis at the same time. It was a struggle. I had my coach coming with me to fashion shoots and it was all mixed up." 

On whether she still tries to win when playing today: "Take no prisoners. Got to show them who's boss. I have a few girlfriend that have never played before and we enjoy rallying a little bit. I get excited because I don't get on the court so much anymore so when I do I just want to kill it."