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Does Hannah Davis look as sexy underwater as above it? OMG YES!

SI Swimsuit has shot Hannah Davis in a variety of locations - from the beaches of Tahiti to the sand on the Jersey Shore - and she's looks nearly perfect in each one. But what if we took Hannah underwater? Would she still look as flawless? The answer, as the above video demonstrates, is a resounding Y-E-S.


Of course, being underwater is nothing new for Hannah, who grew up on the Virgin Islands. "I was just diving down as far as I could and then gracefully, like a mermaid, sort of coming up slowly so [photographer] Yu Tsai could get as many frames as possible. When I was looking at Yu Tsai he wasn't looking up at me. He was positioned in a way because he was going to try and catch me when I was on my way up. So everything was super-still so they waited until that exact moment where there was no waves and it was just crystal clear. It's all about timing!

The timing was perfect and the results speak for themselves. Hannah was "super proud" of herself for the shoot and so are we. Now we just need to figure out which model will get the underwater photo session in 2017! 

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