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Hannah Ferguson enjoys a trip down Route 66 in her 2015 outtakes!


Nat King Cole famously sang about how you "get your kicks on Route 66," and that was never more true than when SI Swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson traveled the famous rode. The Texas native joined Sara Sampaio, Ariel Meredith and Ashley Smith on a memorable photo shoot for the 2015 issue. 

Ariel Meredith, Ashley Smith, Sara Sampaio and Hannah Ferguson

Ariel Meredith, Ashley Smith, Sara Sampaio and Hannah Ferguson

In this set of outtakes, Hannah Ferguson tries to keep a straight face while sipping on a foul-tasting (and mysteriously disappearing) milkshake. We reached out to Hannah for comment on this pic and she said, "My milkshake did not bring all the boys to the yard ... And that it wasn't better than yours." Kelis would be proud.

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It's been a busy couple months for Hannah, who caught the eye of Jamaal Andersonwith her imitation of his Dirty Bird touchdown celebration and taught Kelly Rohrbachhow to Whip and Nae Nae. And let's not forget her epic Summer of Swim shoot from May. It's easy to see why Hannah is quickly becoming our most popular models. Just make sure someone tastes her milkshake first!

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