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Hunter McGrady Is Here To Prove That Fitness Is For All Shapes and Sizes

The SI Swimsuit model is on a mission to create a judgement-free workout community.

A no judgement zone where people of all body types can get their sweat on free from intimidation–sounds great, right? Our girl Hunter McGrady thinks so, too. That’s why she just launched BabeBody, an Instagram page dedicated to proving that fitness doesn’t have a size. 

Hunter started the page with Katie Sturino, a body-positive fashion blogger and founder of body care line Megababe. Both hope that BabeBody will help encourage other women to step out of their workout comfort zones and join them at fitness classes around New York City.

“Anytime I would post a workout on my Instagram I would get an influx of DMs asking to post my workout or how I get past the anxiety of going to the gym,” Hunter wrote in a post introducing herself to the BabeBody community, adding that getting a good workout can be hard, especially if you feel like everyone is looking at you. 

“I wanted to create a safe space where women of all shapes and sizes can feel comfortable to workout with no judgement at all levels,” Hunter said.

Yes, yes, yes! As if we weren’t already obsessed with Hunter, this just made us love her even more.

Looking to workout with these badass ladies? You can head to the BabeBody Instagram page to get all the information on their next sweat sesh. There’s a new class every week.

Count us in! 

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