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The experts have spoken: 2014 was all about that bass

AS 2014 WANES and media outlets (us included) attempt to tie the events of the year into a neat little traffic-friendly bundle,I've been coming across a slew of articles engaging in scintillating discourse regarding a 2014 trend that many believe points to an impending sociological sea change in human sexuality.

Let me start over.

2014 was the year of the butt. Yahoo! says so, as do BuzzfeedHuffPo​, MTV, E!, Fuse, TheJournal of Theoretical & Computational Chemistry. (OK, not that last one.)

Need further proof? Venerable think tank PornHub Insights (yes, that's right — it's the world's largest pornographic website's answer to FiveThirtyEight, and dubiously SFW)  recently shared their findings from an exhaustive research project that compiled global data to answer the long-burning question: is Iceland more of a boob guy or a butt guy (spoiler alert: buttz FTW, brah).

Check out the bizarre data below, ponder the questions, Just how did they glean their data and, Why doesn't the Great Salt Lake get a vote, and then scroll down for a shameless gallery of the 2014 SI Swimsuit models wearing the trend well.