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Jessica Gomes battles (fake) snakes & cold weather in her 2015 outtakes!


Yellowstone Park is situated above a volcanic hot spot, which may explain why Jessica Gomes looks so sizzling in her 2015 SI Swimsuit shoot. But it wasn't all sexy and sultry for our favorite Aussie. Swimsuit videographer Robb Riley pulled the old rubber snake prank on Jessica, who reacted with a terrifying scream. You'd think we'd be nicer to an eight-time swimsuit model!

Jessica Gomes :: James Macari/SI

Jessica Gomes :: James Macari/SI

Did we mention it was cold? So cold that Jess needed to hide hand warmers in her bikini just to get through the shoot. But if you've seen the photos (and if you haven't, drop everything you're doing right now and look), you'll know it was worth it. Veteran swimsuit photographer James Macari captured Jessica at her most beautiful. 

Be sure to watch Jess' complete 2015 SI Swimsuit outtakes reel above, and keep coming back to Swim Daily for more funny moments from the making of our latest issue! 

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