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John Legend releases new album, women swoon everywhere


John Legend (known around here as the future Mr. Chrissy Teigen) released his new album, Love In the Future, on Tuesday. We can't stop listening to it at the SwimDaily office, but since we're a little biased, we'll let you read this review by Rolling Stone's John Dolan.

John Legend's fiancee, model Chrissy Teigen, recently said she never wears underwear. And who can blame her: Undies fly away like silken doves when the reigning king of hip-hop soul is in the general vicinity. On Legend's fourth LP, executive producer Kanye West helps give him a plush, nuanced palette to match his signature emotional generosity and strong sensuality – from mountainous piano crushers like "All of Me" to "The Beginning," which flips a freaking Sara Bareilles sample into a promise of endless babymaking rapture. And you know he's gonna cook the fuck out of some breakfast in the morning.

If that doesn't make you want to buy the album (click here to do so), I don't know what will. Maybe some photos of the happy couple?