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Meet the Model: Kate Bock



Whether she's wearing her headgear at summer camp or working up a sweat at the gym, Kate Bock always seems to be in the center of the action. We caught up with the 2013 SI Swimsuit Rookie of the Year for a quick Q&A. Here's what she had to say:

On how she was discovered: "I was a swimmer. I was a competitive racer at the pool so I was there day in and day out. My mother agent [who discovered her] is from my hometown. I had braces and I was all in my awkward stage but she saw something in me and it worked out. Yay."

On her first modeling shoot:"I was discovered when I was 12. The next week I shot Abercrombie in Santa Barbara. It was a big Bruce Weber job and it was one of the nicest days -- the best catering and the nicest people and this big group and team. What an amazing, lucky experience that was my first job. It definitely put a good taste in my mouth for the modeling industry."

On her favorite junk food:"If chocolate could be the No. 1 nutritious, good food I would be the happiest person alive."