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Need another reason to love Kate Upton? She eats doughnuts while working out

We know, we know—Kate Upton is a "total badass in the gym." But she's also one hell of a multi-tasker. 

In case the Internet needed one more reason to love the gorgeous bombshell, Kate took to Instagram this weekend to share a clip from her most recent workout session, and let us just say, it's not exactly the strength conditioning exercise she's doing, but rather what she's eating as she does it, that got our attention. 

To see Kate munch on a delicious doughnut while doing sled-rope pulls with her other hand, be sure to watch the hilarious video below: 

Seriously, Kate is our kind of woman. When we go to the gym, we're DEFINITELY just playing for the tie. But from the looks of it, Kate hasn't really been doing the same. The beautiful blonde looks to be in the best shape of her life, which is no surprise given how seriously she takes her kegels

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