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Hip thrusts and heavy weights: Kate Upton takes her 'kegels seriously'

Need a little motivation to hit the gym today? Kate Upton is here to help!

In her latest viral workout video, Kate shows just how far she's willing to go in the name of a flawless figure, as she does a set of sexy hip thrusts with what looks to be seriously substantial weight. And as if that weren't enough to peak your interest, Kate even goes the extra mile, one-upping her trainer who tells her to go for three more reps. Make that four, sir!

A big smile and a thumbs up is the last reaction we usually have to a day at the gym, but when you take your "kegels" this seriously, a successful rep deserves a  subtle celebration. 

Kate's fans are taking notice, too! Judging by the almost 50,000 likes and over 3500 comments, we'd say Kate's undeniable beauty and strength are sure to inspire at least a few faithful followers to ditch their Netflix binge session tonight for an hour at the gym. 

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